Distributor Restoration

dist sketch

Vintage Werks distributor restoration involves complete disassembly of each distributor we receive followed by a thorough cleaning of all parts. Cleaning includes a solvent wash and for metal parts, blasting with a very fine resin media that polishes the surfaces without unnecessary abrasion. Smaller hardware parts such as machine screws, clips, washers and nuts, if reusable, are then plated. All larger parts are washed thoroughly again in solvent to remove any residual blast media. The distributor body is masked and painted before reassembly. Reassembly includes re-shimming the main shaft and replacing terminal insulators as necessary, making certain all mechanical advance weights move freely, replacing weight return springs as necessary, and installing new points, condenser, cap and rotor. The completed distributor is then placed on a stroboscopic distributor test machine (Sun model 404 distributor tester) and run at variable RPMs to determine its advance progression which is then plotted and provided with the distributor when return shipped to you. The advance curve of each distributor is adjusted to lie within the range of factory recommended specifications, or other specification as determined appropriate for use with modern fuel blends. This should allow for optimal performance with the stock engine for which it was designed providing all other elements of the engine are in proper working condition and adjustment.

Vintage Werks charges a flat labor rate to rebuild your distributor $175 to $225, depending on the distributor model sent for rebuild services. Any parts used as well as nominal fees for plating services and shipping are additional. Your distributor is returned to you complete with O ring seal, ready to bolt in your car and drive.

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